The Concept Of Free Samples

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The concept of free samples has always been there in the marketing world. How else would a brand encourage customers to buy its products if they do not know that they like it in the first place? Thus, when a brand or company is launching a new service or product, if it is possible to bundle a part of it as a free sample, they do so in the beginning to attract an initial crowd to their showroom or stores. We look at the different marketing campaigns that have utilized this concept and how it is now being used in the marketing world online.

Free Food Samples

One of the segments that make maximum use of the freebies concept is the food industry. And it has been seen, the fast food chains are the first ones to offer such freebies to lure in customers. Today, there are numerous fast food chains and brands across the world. But that does not stop them from giving away freebies either when they launch initially or when they have annual events like anniversaries and other novel events. In fact, it is a disturbing trend as it simply encourages people to indulge in food that they need to moderate or stay away from in the first place. Many doughnut places are known to give away dough nuts within a certain time interval from their stores on special days which are announced from before.

Free Drinks Samples

Drinks keep getting innovative as more and more drinks companies and brands or coffee chains brew up unique concoctions in order to add new items to their menu and attract more customers. When such drinks are launched, they are often offered as free samples to customers. When one likes them and wishes to have them more, then one would need to pay up for the second glass.

For Brand Promotion

Many brands give away free food or drinks or other product samples along with brand promotion campaigns. For instance, if one visits a stall of a hair product company and fills out a membership form, they are provided a free sample of their product. Some brands seek slogans from customers or urge customers to drop in at their stores and participate in contests in order to win free samples of their product.

When Bailing Out

When a business is ailing and needs to clear off the last stock of items, they often announce freebies in order to get customers piling in and so that they can give away the inventory before they shut shop. If it is a food chain, then one needs to exercise caution as to how fresh the food items are. Of course, in many instances, food that is sold fresh and not kept for the following day is given away for free or at discounted prices in order to finish the stock. Today, all such concepts are being used online. Companies have realized that their audience has its attention captured online and so, even if there are freebies to avail at their offline stores, they are announcing such offers online as well. is one of the trusted site in the Internet where you can get reliable free samples.

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Free Lunch From Macaroni Grill

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Free Atkins Bar Samples

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Free Atkins samples click here

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Free Whole Life Dog and Cats treats

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Skyn Condoms For Free With a Like

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Get a Free Cinnabon on Sept. 25

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Free Admission to Smithsonian Museums On September 29th

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In the spirit of Smithsonian Museums, who offer free admission everyday, Museum Day Live! is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian magazine in which participating museums across the country open their doors to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket…for free.

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Go Get Yerself a FREE Big Hunk Candy bar

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